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Our Mission

Kage Okami 影狼 (Shadow Wolf)

Kage Okami LLC sets out to provide cyber risk and threat emulation engagements using methodologies and processes that are auditable, transparent and deliver results that are easy to understand by professionals at all levels. With well over 20 years of personnel experience in various industries, we provide thorough and customized engagements with the business logic and the mission of the business being tested at the forefront of analysis.
Our goal is to empower customer at all levels of technical or non-technical expertise with the ability to make the undecipherable understandable. 
Our cybersecurity services are renowned for their quality, adapting to the unique needs of each client and leveraging innovative solutions to protect your business.  Additionally, we pride ourselves on the use of 80% Manual / 20% Automated Penetration Testing techniques for our Advanced Threat Emulation service line.
We find passion in customer success and solving the world’s most complex problems, one entity at a time.
Who We Are

Our Core Values

In the heart of our ethos, these core values form the cornerstone of a superior customer experience. Each value is a solemn promise, an oath we uphold in every action, decision, and innovation. Our Progressive nature drives us to stay ahead in a dynamic digital landscape and together, these values are more than principles; they are our commitment to excellence, a pledge to perpetually enhance customer experiences and nurture a thriving workplace culture.

Core Values

Client Focus

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Our Core Values


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Our Core Values


Kage Okami commits to continuous improvement, growth, and adaptation to changing circumstances within the industry. We embrace innovation, learn from experiences, and evolve our business strategies, processes, and products to stay relevant and competitive in a dynamic world. Holistically, Evolution  enables us to remain flexible and agile in response to new challenges and opportunities that arise.

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Our Core Values


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Our Core Values


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Our Core Values


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Our Core Values


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Proven Experience

The Kage Okami Advantage

Our extensive past performances encompass a broad spectrum of firms, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, spanning across over 30 different industries. This comprehensive experience enables us to tackle each unique challenge with tailored solutions, bringing unparalleled knowledge, expertise, and innovative approaches to the table. We transform cybersecurity from a hurdle into a competitive advantage.

100% US Based Services

We ensure unparalleled understanding of local regulatory compliance, cultural nuances, and real-time, domestic response to secure your digital assets effectively. We also support testing in various international time zones.

Advanced Threat Emulation Services

Experience cutting-edge Advanced Threat Emulation Services that transform your cybersecurity defenses, turning your network into a fortress against even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

A Firm For All

✅ Experts at affordable rates based on effort

✅ Easy quotes In 48 hours or less!

✅ Flat fees

✅ Quick engagements

✅ Superior Customer Service


Compliance Testing

Compliance testing rigorously evaluates your systems against industry standards and regulations to ensure your business operations meet all legal and security requirements. Our testing safeguards against potential legal liabilities and enhancing trust with stakeholders.

Extensive Past Performances

Leveraging extensive past performances offers proven cybersecurity expertise, ensuring your business benefits from a track record of successfully mitigating complex threats.

Modern Techniques and Research

Continuous labbing and testing against the latest operating systems and software frameworks equips us with critical insights into emerging vulnerabilities, giving customers an advantage on fortifying their defense against the latest cyber threats.

Defense In Depth Testing Approach

Our goal is to provide customers with meaningful insight and recommendations that not only address their high level objectives but are tailored directly to their enterprise's landscape to maximize impact.

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