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Kage Okami Cyber Security Services

Your Cyber Guardians In The Dark

We offer cutting-edge solutions to fortify your business against cyber threats. From penetration testing to social engineering, we empower organizations to secure their online presence and maintain a competitive edge.

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Your Cyber Guardians In The Dark

Our Threat Emulation Services

Our vast experience has allowed us to develop products and services built by offensive security professionals for technologies and executive staff alike. Technical information is only as good as the method of its delivery and quality of communication asserted.  Click on any of the products below to get a brief description of the service and their results can help fortify your business' defenses. We want engagements to be something to look forward to and not a doctor's visit.

Network Penetration Testing with Kage Okami Cyber Security Services
Simulate To Secure

Network Penetration Testing (NPT)

Each day we test against modern operating systems and services which leads to engagements with modern tactics used by adversaries in the real world. Together, let's dive into the depths of your network's security implementation and embark on a journey to fortify your defenses through our cutting-edge penetration testing services.

Kage Okami Web Application Penetration Testing
Go Beyond The Top 10

Web Application Penetration Testing (WPT)

Business Logic is the heart of every application. While we take careful examination and exploitation of common threats, our extended focus is on bringing you added value by identifying your biggest adversarial threats, enacting their tactics (by industry) and taking the path least traveled.

One Tap Away

Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MPT)

Secure your mobile applications from the ground up with our industry-leading penetration testing services. Dive deep into your app's security posture and shield it from potential cyberattacks. Get started now and build trust with your users.

Real World Threat Emulation

Red Teaming

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)  wait for no one. Step into an arena where your defenses are tested against the relentless tactics of our elite red teaming experts. Test the resilience of your organization to an organized  and calculated attack  time emulating nation state activity with our red teaming services.  Are you ready to take the plunge?  

A United Front

Purple Team Testing (PTE)

Purple teaming exercises offer a unique learning opportunity for blue teams by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and resilience against cyber threats by promoting adaptability and proactive security measures.

The Weakest Link

Social Engineering

Our social engineering services help you discover the hidden human element in your cybersecurity armor and  unveil the vulnerabilities only human insight can reveal, and transform your employees into an impenetrable shield against cyber threats.  Is your team prepared for this level of attack?  

Kage Okami Wireless Penetration Testing
Protect Your Airwaves

Wireless Penetration Testing (WPT)

Wireless testing delves into the security of your Wi-Fi networks, uncovering vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could compromise your digital assets.

Vulnerability Assessment Conducted by Kage Okami
Understand Your Threat Landscape

Vulnerability Assessment

With our vulnerability assessments, gain the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your sensitive data and IT infrastructure are safeguarded by industry-leading expertise. Explore the benefits of our unparalleled vulnerability assessment services and take a proactive approach to secure your organization's future.

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Our expert services offer not just a safety net, but a foundation of confidence, ensuring that your systems are not just secure, but dynamically resistant to emerging threats. Peace of mind is one call away!

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