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Red Teaming (RTE) Kage Okami
Red Teaming (RTE)

Adversity Uncovers The Truth

Unlike traditional security assessments or penetration testing, red teaming involves a more dynamic, unscripted attack mimicking the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of actual threat actors. The primary goal is to identify and exploit weaknesses in security posture, incident response capabilities, and employee awareness.

Case Study

Operators In The Dark

The U.S. government recently disclosed that the Chinese state-sponsored hacking group, known by several names including Volt Typhoon and Bronze Silhouette, has infiltrated critical infrastructure networks across the U.S. and Guam for over five years. Unlike typical cyber espionage, Volt Typhoon aims to pre-position itself within IT networks to facilitate potential disruptive or destructive cyber attacks on Operational Technology (OT) assets in critical infrastructures during crises or conflicts with the U.S. 

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Prevention Is Easier Than The Cure

Red Teaming vs Penetration Testing

Red team engagements and penetration testing serve complementary roles in cybersecurity. While penetration testing focuses on identifying and exploiting specific technical vulnerabilities, red team engagements simulate real-world attacks to assess an organization's overall readiness, including technological, human, and procedural defenses. Red teaming offers a strategic view of an organization's vulnerability to sophisticated cyber threats, whereas penetration testing provides detailed insights into specific security weaknesses. Together, they form a comprehensive approach to understanding and enhancing a company's cybersecurity posture.

Kage Okami Hands On Experience
The Crown Jewels

A hands-on experience for Incident Response Teams

Our engagements simulate modern real world threats that provide time-to-triage metrics among other critical data points for a growing business. 

Industry Standards and Innovation

Methodologies You Can Trust

We use well known and global industry standards and frameworks to ensure our attack pathologies are digestible and create a map for technical professionals at all levels to follow post engagement. Additionally, these frameworks give us foundations to innovate off of to create new threats keeping our engagement tactics revolving and fresh.

Microsoft Red Teaming Methodology

Microsoft's multifaceted approach to security testing, where simulated adversarial attacks are used to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of an organization's defensive mechanism.

Atomic Red Team Tests

AtomicRed Team's atomics are highly granular, actionable tests designed to simulate specific techniques used by adversaries, providing a practical and scalable method for validating the effectiveness of security controls against real-world threats.

MITRE ATT&CK Framework

A comprehensive matrix of tactics, techniques, and procedures used by threat actors, providing cybersecurity professionals with a detailed blueprint for understanding, detecting, and defending against cyber attacks.

Kage Okami Hands On Experience
The Human Signature

A Refreshing Approach To Threat Profiling

Our engagements are tailored to mimic threats more likely to attack your business based on several predictive characteristics. This creates results that are meaningful and bolster the strength of blue teams and incident responders.  

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Kage Okami Cyber Security Services

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