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Vulnerability Assessment Product | Kage Okami
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Vulnerability Assessment

With precision and foresight, we delve deep into your network's fabric, identifying and mapping out every hidden risk and potential breach point. Our comprehensive approach not only highlights vulnerabilities but also arms you with actionable insights and tailored remediation strategies, ensuring your defenses are impenetrable and agile.

Take The First Steps

The Beginning of Cyber Resilience

Vulnerability Assessments don't have to be a simple "click and send" situation. Kage Okami gives several servicing and reporting options to help entities understand baseline vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation efforts for clients providing an experience that makes the most of the data obtained but saves money in the long run.

First Steps

Navigating your threatscape

Vulnerability assessments stand as the cornerstone of a robust cybersecurity strategy, offering a proactive approach to safeguard your digital landscape. By meticulously scanning your networks, systems, and applications for weaknesses, these assessments illuminate the path to fortified defenses, ensuring that potential entry points for cyber threats are identified and remediated swiftly. 

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Maintaining Compliance

The Value of Vulnerability Assessments

In choosing Kage Okami, you'll benefit from our unparalleled expertise, customized assessments, and comprehensive reports, empowering your organization to fortify defenses, minimize risk, and maintain a competitive edge in today's increasingly complex digital landscape.

Our Methodology

How It Works

In this section, you can find our methodology for generating vulnerability and risk data to help organizations get a preliminary perspective on the vulnerabilities that may be present in or on the perimeter of their network.



Kage Okami uses industry vetted Commercial and Open Source tools to conduct initial scanning of a target organization's network.


Scanners begin to categorize detected risks, decipher versioning of software and determine points of contention in validation of vulnerabilities.


High Level Analysis is done by an expert offensive security professional to determine the validity of the data returned from scanners. 


 The raw scan data is provided to customers and upon delivery, our professionals will highlight the highest priority as it pertains to the order of remediation of the detected (and now vetted) vulnerabilities.

Transparent Pricing

Vulnerability Assessments

This non intrusive process allows for a low touch engagement which will demonstrate to customers what gaps may exist within their networks without worrying about the after effects of exploitation. Think of this assessment type as the first step to evaluating your security posture holistically. We offer adhoc and subscription based services that are low cost, accurate, and timely!

Additionally, our firm scans with multiple tools to give you a more well rounded view of your enterprise. Prices presented assumes a small to medium environment with up to 500 assets). 

For more assets, please contact us for a quote.

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On Demand Scans
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$400 USD
Incl. four tests over a year
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Conducted every 30 days (min: 6 month contract)
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