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Kage Okami Cyber Security Services

Take Back Control

With our elite cyber security offerings, we're innovating and fostering a culture of interactive proactive defense for clients ranging from small businesses to federal entities. We find passion in customer success in solving the world’s most complex problems, one entity at a time.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Latest Testimonials

Alex at Kage Okami demonstrated prompt and professional service, offering expert advice, clarity of communication, and a willingness to dive into the details. The comprehensive reporting provided at the conclusion of the testing shows his commitment to thorough security analysis. We highly recommend Alex for his outstanding expertise and reliable partnership in ensuring digital security.

Jeff R.

Vice President | A National Telecommunications Company

Thank you for the exceptional work specific to vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. Your insights and expertise were crucial, and I appreciate the guidance. Your expertise, prompt response, and clear communication were outstanding. I highly recommend your cybersecurity services. I will definitely stay in touch for future projects. I genuinely appreciate your time and assistance. 

Shawn W.

Managing Director | A Management Consulting and GRC Firm

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Years of Experience

Each member of our technical staff has at least 20 years of cybersecurity experience under their belt.

Industries Served

We've served numerous industries from start ups and small business SaaS companies to Fortune 500 entities and federal agencies

Engagements Completed

We're battle hardened and this vast exposure benefits our customers through our in-depth deliverables.

Manual Testing

We use automation to efficiently create testing baselines for each assessment however, we pride ourselves on our accuracy with a more human touch.

A Firm For All

Don't take our word for it. Learn more about the Kage Okami experience through contacting us, our company overview (above), expanding Testimonials section, core values and transparency.

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What's Penetration Testing?

We've got you covered. Here's some resources we've developed to help you better understand what it is, benefits, and this practice can help bolster your defenses.

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Your Cyber Guardians In The Dark

Our Services

 Technical information is only as good as the method of its delivery and quality of communication asserted. We offer a multitude of services to suit your business needs. Our top three most popular services are: Web Application Penetration Testing (WPT), Red Team Engagements (RTE), and Network Penetration Testing (NPT).

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Kage Okami partnering with an amazing company
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Partnerships and Teaming

Need experts for a potential or upcoming engagement? Gain access to unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions that keep you and your clients one step ahead of cybercriminals.
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Our Diligence To Stay Current

Advanced Industry Certifications

Our skill set extends across a wide range of cybersecurity services, each designed to safeguard your enterprise while enhancing your business capabilities. Our experts have advanced and expert level certifications from several global and industry certifications. Click “Learn More” to view them.

International Coverage

We ensure unparalleled understanding of local regulatory compliance, cultural nuances, and real-time, domestic response to secure your digital assets effectively. Additionally, we're a 100% US based firm.

Advanced Threat Emulation Services

Experience cutting-edge Advanced Threat Emulation Services that transform your cybersecurity defenses, turning your network into a fortress against even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

A Firm For All

Don't let your budget stop you from acquiring cybersecurity services. We offer affordable rates based on level of effort with flat fees and no fluff. Experience quick engagements with super customer service and quotes in 48 hours or less.

Extensive Past Performances

Leveraging extensive past performances offers proven cybersecurity expertise, ensuring your business benefits from a track record of successfully mitigating complex threats.

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We're Here To Help

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No Strings Attached

Our expert services offer not just a safety net, but a foundation of confidence, ensuring that your systems are not just secure, but dynamically resistant to emerging threats. Peace of mind is one call away!

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We make the impossible understandable.

The Solution

Enter Kage Okami

We formed Kage Okami with well over 20 years of experience in various industries, providing thorough and customized engagements with the business logic and the mission of the business being tested at the forefront of analysis. Our cybersecurity services are renowned for their quality, adapting to the unique needs of each client and leveraging innovative solutions to protect your business. We find passion in customer success and solving the world’s most complex problems, one entity at a time.

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20 +

Year of Experience

30 +

Industries Secured

80 %

Manual Testing

400 +

Engagements Completed

Real World Threat Emulation

Red Teaming

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)  wait for no one. Step into an arena where your defenses are tested against the relentless tactics of our elite red teaming experts. Test the resilience of your organization to an organized  and calculated attack  time emulating nation state activity with our red teaming services.  Feel the pulse of real-world cyber combat as we expose and fortify your vulnerabilities, transforming your security posture from reactive to invincible.  Dare to discover the strength of your defenses—embrace the challenge, and emerge more secure than ever before.  Are you ready to take the plunge?  

The Weakest Link

Social Engineering

Our social engineering services help you discover the hidden human element in your cybersecurity armor and  unveil the vulnerabilities only human insight can reveal, and transform your employees into an impenetrable shield against cyber threats. Find out what it takes to secure your organization's future against the cunning tactics of cybercriminals using this vector of attack.  Is your team prepared for this level of attack?  

Keeping Businesses Compliant

Audit and Compliance Services

Our Audit and Compliance services provide comprehensive support to meet the highest standards of digital security and accessibility. With expert WCAG testing, we ensure your digital platforms are fully accessible, enhancing user experience and compliance. Our rigorous penetration testing processes for PCI, SOC2, and ISO standards not only secure your data but also fortify your trust with clients and stakeholders, guaranteeing that your business operations exceed industry benchmarks for security and compliance.