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Kage Okami Cyber Security Services

Audit and Compliance Services

Master your Compliance Journey with precision and ease. Navigate the maze of regulatory requirements and safeguard your operations with our expert audit and compliance services. Transform compliance from a challenge into an opportunity to enhance trust and operational excellence.

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The Problem

Keeping Businesses Compliant

Our Audit and Compliance services provide comprehensive support to meet the highest standards of digital security and accessibility. With expert WCAG testing, we ensure your digital platforms are fully accessible, enhancing user experience and compliance. Our rigorous penetration testing processes for PCI, SOC2, and ISO standards not only secure your data but also fortify your trust with clients and stakeholders, guaranteeing that your business operations exceed industry benchmarks for security and compliance. 

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The Solution

Enter Kage Okami

We formed Kage Okami with well over 20 years of experience in various industries, providing thorough and customized engagements with the business logic and the mission of the business being tested at the forefront of analysis. Our cybersecurity services are renowned for their quality, adapting to the unique needs of each client and leveraging innovative solutions to protect your business. We find passion in customer success and solving the world’s most complex problems, one entity at a time.

Audit and Compliance Services

Our Solutions

Our vast experience has allowed us to develop products and services built by offensive security professionals for technologies and executive staff alike. Technical information is only as good as the method of its delivery and quality of communication asserted. No engagement is the same and through our discovery processes, we are able to tailor each and every engagement to the greater needs of our clients. Click on any of the product below to get a brief description of the service and their results can help fortify your business' defenses. We want engagements to be something to look for and not a doctor's visit.


Addressing American Disability Act Compliance


In today's digital world, it's crucial to ensure that your website is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Our comprehensive accessibility testing services, focused on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), help you create a more inclusive online experience, while also boosting your search engine rankings and minimizing the risk of legal issues. By prioritizing WCAG compliance and accessibility testing, you demonstrate a commitment to providing equal access to your content and services for all users, enhancing your brand's reputation and widening your audience reach. Don't miss out on the benefits of an accessible website – get started with our expert accessibility testing services today.

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