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Social Engineering Services

The Art of Deception

Turn the tables on threat actors; conduct social engineering services against your own organization to unveil vulnerabilities in the human element of your enterprise before they get exploited. 

Case Study

The $100 Million Dollar Man

In a significant development in the cybersecurity and fraud prevention landscape, a Lithuanian man has admitted to conducting a wire fraud scheme that deceitfully extracted over $100 million from two U.S.-based tech companies through fraudulent business email compromise (BEC) tactics. This case, prosecuted by the Southern District of New York's U.S. Attorney's Office, underscores the escalating sophistication of cybercriminals and the critical necessity for robust cybersecurity measures. Businesses seeking to fortify their defenses against such advanced threats are encouraged to explore our comprehensive cybersecurity services, designed to safeguard against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber fraud. Reach out to us for expert assistance in protecting your digital assets and ensuring the security of your operations.

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (2023)

74% of breaches involved the Human Element, including social attacks, errors, and missue.

Begin Simulation

Our Service Levels

The structure of our Social Engineering services allows our customers to pick the method of emulation that's the right fit for their firm. In some instances, customers use our services as an augment to existing program while others use this as a mechanism to discover vulnerabilities in staff security training and for compliance purposes.

Click any of the cards below to learn more about each progressing service type.



Level 1 Assessments are a quick and easy way to measure annual security training and awareness effectiveness against a user group.  The profile of this attacker is that of a SCRIPT KIDDIE (one who uses heavy automation without concern for specific target detail).



Level 2 Assessments take campaigns a step further including everything from the Basic Tier however, the payloads and email campaign development changes significantly to add (in reporting). The profile of this attacker is that of a HACKTIVIST.



For Level 3 (RTE), we run two or more campaigns concurrently to maximize impact by simulating being attacked by multiple adversaries. Additionally, credentials and other critical information obtained are immediately used to breach any network assets. The profile of this attacker is that of a NATION STATE.

2023 IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report

Data breaches initiated through social engineering techniques averaged costs over $4.5 million.

Why Us?

We Love Psychology

Listed below are just a few of the benefits on engaging with Kage Okami's SES division. We pride ourselves on meticulous engagements that will answer the who, what, why and how to your engagement results. Our in-depth scoping pre-engagement session gives us the knowledge we need to give customers the most highly tailored engagements they've ever experienced.

Mapping Human Behavior

Post Engagement Consultation

Metrics without in-depth analysis and advice on how to implement new countermeasures against would-be adversaries is simple data on a page. This consulting session goes over the events of the engagement, lessons learned, the strategies used, and provides new targeted focus areas to bolster the security awareness mindset of the organization.

Businessman consulting team on phishing at Kage Okami
Battle Hardened

Custom Methodology

We offer a threat level schema to grade your environment and have created a custom methodology for attack that has been battle tested since 2011 against entities of all sizes.

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An Analytical Deep Dive

Advanced Logistics

Layer 8 thoroughly assessed and detection metrics organized. The higher the tier, the more verbose the metrics. Find out who clicked, at what point they clicked, how long between the start of a campaign and comprise per user and much more..

Businesswoman holding tablet pc entering password. Security concept

Budget Friendly

Get the most out of your engagement with the ability to choose the level of effort your company would like to put into assessing this attack vector.

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Campaigns With Proven Impact

Red Team Engagements Available

RTE level engagements keep going where other vendors would normally stop. Operators will attempt to breach the network based on the results of the associated phishing campaigns.

Red Team Operator Kage Okami
How We Operate

Threat Score

We offer a threat level schema to grade your environment to give customers a more direct and understandable view of your current security posture.

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Custom Fit

Endless Possibilities

Campaigns are customized to exceed client expectations – no two campaigns executed are the same and are built from scratch on every engagement.

Customer deliverables include full detail on the development of the campaign(s) deployed and the psychology behind our choices to best circumvent your company's culture.

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We're Here To Help

White Glove Service

No desktop agents or software to install. After kick off, our operators begin deep Open Source Intelligence operations to learn about your organization to determine the appropriate campaign development measures needed to “join your work family”.

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Training Effectiveness

Annual Training Validation

These real world engagements allow for better understanding of your user base’s true resilience to tailored whaling, phishing and spear phishing attacks.

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We're Here To Help

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