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Kage Okami Cyber Security Services

Cyber Insurance Penetration Testing

In the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, obtaining cyber insurance is crucial for safeguarding your business. However, insurance providers require proof of robust security measures. Kage Okami LLC offers comprehensive penetration testing services tailored to meet insurance compliance requirements, ensuring you get the best coverage at the most competitive rates.

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What is Penetration Testing?

Understanding Cyber Insurance Requirements

Cyber insurance providers demand rigorous security measures to minimize risk. Our penetration testing services are designed to identify vulnerabilities and provide detailed reports, satisfying insurers' stringent criteria.

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Benefits of Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Listed below are a few passive benefits obtained through going through penetration testing in the process of applying and maintaining cyber insurance.

Peace of Mind

In conducting penetration testing engagements, our customers demonstrate to insurance providers their commitment to maintaining a secure infrastructure for their clients and stakeholders.

Kage Okami Cyber Insurance Peace of Mind

Compliance Assurance

Our penetration testing process allows our customers to meet and exceed insurance requirements.

Kage Okami analyzing regulations for compliance

Risk Reduction

We identify vulnerabilities and allowing our customers an advanced chance to mitigate security threats before they can be exploited.

Kage Okami Cyber Insurance Risk Reduction
Ensuring Accuracy and Acceptance

Our Penetration Testing Process

Our four step process keeps our clients compliant quickly and efficiently. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Receive a detailed report outlining discovered vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and actionable remediation steps.

Post-Testing Support

Once complete, clients have 30 days to schedule a retest where our testers will attempt to confirm the remediation of previously discovered findings and issue a final report. This will demonstrate to insurance providers the true posture of a customer's environment.

A Firm For All

Don't let your budget stop you from acquiring cybersecurity services. We offer affordable rates based on level of effort with flat fees and no fluff. Experience quick engagements with super customer service and quotes in 48 hours or less. 

Advanced Threat Emulation Services

Experience cutting-edge Advanced Threat Emulation Services that transform your cybersecurity defenses, turning your network into a fortress against even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Extensive Past Performances

Leveraging extensive past performances offers proven cybersecurity expertise, ensuring your business benefits from a track record of successfully mitigating complex threats.

International Coverage

We ensure unparalleled understanding of local regulatory compliance, cultural nuances, and real-time, domestic response to secure your digital assets effectively. Additionally, we're a 100% US based firm.

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Kage Okami Cyber Security Services

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