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What is Penetration Testing?

Here's an extremely quick overview of penetration testing.

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Gaining Understanding


Penetration testing, often referred to as pentesting, is a cybersecurity practice where ethical hackers simulate cyber attacks on a computer system, network, or web application to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. This proactive approach helps organizations strengthen their defenses before real threats arise.

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Testing Your Core

Internal Penetration Testing

This seeks to define what vulnerabilities may be present within a network from an assumed compromise state. An assumed compromise state can be defined as "having access to an otherwise unauthorized " to a This type of assessment typically answers the following questions:

  • What happens if a rogue agent breaches my network perimeter or application defenses?
  • What kind of impact can an insider make post authentication?
  • Are there checks in place to protect users from each other?
  • What kind of issues arise as it pertains to privilege escalation (can someone gain more privileges/access than they should)?

and more...

Testing The Outer Shell

External Penetration Testing

This type of assessment focuses on emulation of real world tactics, techniques and procedures to attempt to breach scoped asset authentication mechanisms. This assessment types also typically reveals vulnerabilities the follow category of flaws:

  • Access Control Issues
  • Consequences of third party script and service use
  • Indirect Object References
  • Input Validation Issues
  • Network segmentation issues
  • Session Management Flaws
  • Service misconfigurations

and more..

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Resilience is Key

Penetration testing stands as a cornerstone in assessing and fortifying the cybersecurity defenses of organizations across the spectrum of size and industry. Whether navigating the early stages of growth or overseeing a vast enterprise network, the strategic deployment of penetration tests offers tailored insights and actionable intelligence to secure critical assets. This section delves into the nuanced benefits of penetration testing, categorically outlined for small and large businesses. Through this exploration, we aim to illuminate how penetration testing not only aligns with but also amplifies an organization's overarching security posture, regulatory compliance, and resilience against sophisticated cyber threats, thereby safeguarding its operational integrity, customer trust, and competitive edge in the digital landscape. 

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